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Bad Cinderella

Bad Cinderella

by Andrew Llloyd Webber, David Zippel and Emerald Fennell

Based on a Book
Pop/Rock Musical

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Bad Cinderella

Bad Cinderella

Andrew Llloyd Webber's fun and loose adaptation of the classic Cinderella story.


In the exceptionally beautiful kingdom of Belleville, the fields are idyllic, the prince is charming, and the townsfolk are ravishing. Only one stubborn peasant stands in the way of absolute perfection: Cinderella. To the flawless residents and royals of Belleville, this damsel IS the distress. Cinderella’s only friend in Belleville is the equally overlooked Prince Sebastian. When his older brother, Prince Charming, mysteriously disappears, he is thrust into the spotlight. As the new royal heir, Prince Sebastian must choose a bride at the ball and live unhappily ever after. With the prospect of losing the only person she’s ever cared for to the crown, Cinderella pays a visit to the Godmother, who can solve any problem…for a price.

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Fun Fact

The London debut of the musical was titled just Cinderella and played Aug 18, 2021 through June 12, 2022.


Andrew Llloyd Webber


David Zippel


Emerald Fennell

Broadway Premiere

Imperial Theatre
Opening Night
Mar 23, 2023
Total Performances
Original Cast
Linedy Genao, Carolee Carmello, Grace McLean, Jordan Dobson, Morgan Higgins, Sami Gayle, Christina Acosta Robinson, Savy Jackson, Raymond Baynard, Michael Baerga, Lauren Boyd, Tristen Buettel, Kaleigh Cronin, Josh Drake, Ben Lanham, Angel Lozada, Cameron Loyal, Mariah Lyttle, Sarah Meahl, Christian Probst, Larkin Reilly, Julio Rey, Lily Rose, J. Savage, Tregony Shepherd, Dave Schoonover, Paige Smallwood, Aléna Watters, Alyssa Carol, Gary Cooper, Robin Masella, Michael Milkanin, Chloe Nadon-Enriquez, Lucas Thompson
Laurence Connor
JoAnn M. Hunter
No Guarantees and Really Useful Group
Musical Director
Kristen Blodgette
Andrew Llloyd Webber
Scenic Design
Gabriela Tylesova
Costume Design
Gabriela Tylesova
Lighting Design
Bruno Poet
Sound Design
Gareth Owen
Hair and Wig Design
Luc Verschueren
Musical Numbers
Buns 'n' Roses / Beauty Is Our Duty
It Has to Be Her
Bad Cinderella
So Long
Easy to Be Me
Hunk's Song
Man's Man
So Long (Reprise)
Only You, Lonely You
I Know You
The Village Square
Unfair (Reprise)
Beauty Has a Price
The Ball
I Know I Have a Heart (Because You Broke It)
I'm No Longer Me
Moment of Triumph
Easy to Be Me (Reprise)
Ego Has a Price
The Wedding March
Man's Man (Reprise)
Marry for Love
Far Too Late
Cinderella's Soliloquy
The Wedding Party
Final Scene

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