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The Magic Show

The Magic Show

by Stephen Schwartz and Bob Randall


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The Magic Show

The Magic Show

One of the longest running musicals in Broadway history, a Stephen Schwartz musical featuring magic by Doug Henning.


At the nightclub Chez Manny, a new young magician, Doug, and his assistant, Cal, are hired as the headline act. Unlike the washed up no talent, Van Zyskin with his cliché style, Doug is an young ingénue with long hair and casual clothes, but with amazing talent. With the rumor of an important producer coming to see the show, the jealous Van Zyskin is determined not be overshadowed by the young upstart. He plans to steal Doug's secrets and undermine his young rival's confidence despite what unappreciated protection that Cal can provide. Can Doug keep true to himself and his art and appreciate his gifts despite what the villain plans? The result are certain to be magical.


Composer and Lyricist
Stephen Schwartz


Bob Randall

Broadway Premiere

Cort Theatre
Opening Night
May 28, 1974
Total Performances
Original Cast
Doug Henning, Anita Morris, Dale Soules, David Ogden Stiers, Cheryl Barnes, Robert LuPone, Annie McGreevey, Loyd Sannes, Sam Schacht, Ronald Stafford
Grover Dale
Grover Dale
Edgar Lansbury, Joseph Beruh and Ivan Reitman
Doug Henning
Musical Director
Stephen Reinhardt
Scenic Design
David Chapman
Costume Design
Randy Barcelo
Lighting Design
Richard Nelson
Sound Design
Phil Ramone

1983 Film Version

Movie Name
The Magic Show
Filmed Live on Stage
Norman Campbell
Jerry Ross
Doug Henning, Didi Conn, Jon Finlayson
Musical Numbers
Up to His Old Tricks
Solid Silver Platform Shoes
Lion Tamer
Charmin's Lament
Two's Company
The Goldfarb Variations
Doug's Act
A Bit of Villainy
West End Avenue
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet
Before Your Very Eyes

1975 Tony Award Nominations

Best Featured Actor In A Musical - Doug Henning
Best Direction Of A Musical

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