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Story: When an actress is murdered, the Simpson Sisters' Waxworks installs a tableau of the event. Keen to attract the attentions of Tom Baxter, Essie Whimple pretends to have been attacked by the same murderer and chaos and hilarity ensues.

Cast and Creative Team

Composer: Albert Hague
Lyricist: Dorothy Fields
Librettist: David Shaw, Dorothy Fields, Sidney Sheldon, Herbert Fields

Broadway Premiere
Theatre: 46th Street Theatre
Opening Night: Feb 5, 1959
Total Performances: 452
Original Cast: Gwen Verdon, Richard Kiley, Bette Graham, Patrick Horgan, Cynthia Latham, William LeMassena, Joy Nichols, Doris Rich, Leonard Stone, Ralph Sumpter
Director and Choreographer: Bob Fosse
Producer: Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr
Musical Director: Jay Blackton
Orchestrations: Philip J. Lang and Robert Russell Bennett
Scenic Design: Rouben Ter-Arutunian
Lighting Design: Jean Rosenthal

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